Shohar Ki Lambi Umar Ki Dua

Best Dua for Husband Long Life

Shohar ki lambi umar ki dua is basically concerned with health or life to your spouse, if he suffers from any kind of mental or physical unfitness. Marriage is believed as a pre-decided in heaven and it is a very pure relation which connects two souls. In Indian culture it is still esteemed that after marriage women tribute her whole life for sake of his husband. She is very much concern about all aspects of their husband related to his betterment, safety, success, health, goodness and so on.

She dreams that in her husband’s life there be no misfortunes or evil intentions furnish she are ready to protect their husband from bad effects of evil forces, she is a shield of him with every difficulties. Thus for a women their spouse is their basic priority above any other things. So if you are very much concerned about your husband health, is your husband suffering from chronic illness in spite of treatment with best specialist doctors you all endeavors will go in vain, then shohar ki lambi umar ki dua is the powerful tool for you.

So although you want to make shohar ki lambi umar ki dua then you can also perform supplications for recovering of their declining health. Shohar ki lambi umar ki dua is an Islamic prayers are very effectual to provide solutions regarding health related issues which is primarily built for wellness of a person. After implementing this Dua you will very soon observe quick or miraculous changes in his health.

If any human being can read this below given powerful Dua 40 times during downfall of their health or illness than soon he will get recovered from their condition of chronic illness, thus he will become a proprietor of healthy body by the blessings of almighty Allah.


Dua for long life of Husband will add glory in your husband health, it is a supplication sent to Allah for a good will or future of your husband. If your spouse is falling to any life threatening disease, there may be certainly sudden downfall in their health but for you, your love for your spouse is immeasurable, you are ready to do anything to make him out from this situation of severe pain.

Although health or fitness is a judging factor decides physical or mental condition of body whether it may be healthy or sick. If after a long bedridden your husband doesn’t able to stand on their foot, his recovery state is very poor after scrutinizing with lot of doctors and your endeavors would failed than you may consult our best Islamic astrologers and share your problems with him. Here our astrologers will deliver a best shohar ki lambi umar ki dua which could vanish all the troubles, depression,  evil eyes felt on your husband and make them heal fully.

  • You can recite Surah Anaam verse 61 given in Holy Quran.
  • Recite Surah Nisaah verse 78 in holy Quran.
  • Recite Surah As Sajdah, given in Holy Quran chapter no 32.

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